Building 1.5 mainboard; larger format PDFs; extra PCBs available to US users

Hello, all. I decided to move from the 1.3 mainboard to the 1.5 mainboard, as I was having some glitches with the 1.3 mainboard. I think that might have had to do with my assembly. Hopefully, I’ll do a better job this time out!

If you prefer to have a larger format PDF of the schematic to refer to, you can create one that prints on to two letter pages with a command like this: pdfposter -p2x1Let mainboard-schematic.pdf mainboard-schematic-2page.pdf Read more about PDFPoster here: pdftools.pdfposter — pdfposter 0.8.1 documentation

I now also have 3 extra 1.5 mainboard PCB’s available to US addresses for the cost of shipping.

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